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A little fall pond action…

I don’t often feature a landscape for my Pic of the day, but if I am going to, it is most likely in the fall. Autumn in Maine is always (almost) an amazing show of defiance to the coming winter, or homage to the passing summer…and always worth celebrating. This is a favorite spot for fall photos (any season actually)…a little pond along Rt. 9 just north of the Wells Town border, caught here just pack peek color and under an interesting sky. Sony a6500 with the 18mm ultra-wide combo lens set. Program with auto HDR. Nominal exposure: ISO 100 @ f13 @ 1/60th. -1EV to hold the sky. Program shift for depth of field. Processed in Polarr and Apple Photos.

Variation on a theme of fall

I posted a very similar photo a few days ago…or a photo taken at the this same spot at any rate. Sunny day vs cloudy day and two days later in the change of leaves, and taken with a different lens…the 24mm wide angle on my Sony Rx10iv vs the 18mm ultrawide equivalent mounted on a Sony a6500. Inch sensor vs APS-C, but that difference is not apparent. Mostly though it is just a difference in the moods of autumn. We had our bright crisp days last week. This week we have cloudy with intermittent rain. We need the rain. Both moods are autumn. Both are beautiful in their own way. Sony a6500 and 18mm ultrawide, as above. Program mode with HDR. Processed in Polarr and Apple Photos. And the pond is along Rt. 9 in Kennebunk, Maine just above the Wells Town Line.


We have lost the sun this week as we move deeper into fall. We need the rain, so I am trying hard not to begrudge the light 🙂 You can see the sea mist coming up and inland at the end of this marshy isle where a little stream flows through. Highly atmospheric. Fallish indeed. Sony a6500 with 18mm equivalent ultrawide combo. HDR. Processed in Polarr and Apple Photos.

Beach Rose

Rugosa Rose, or Beach Rose, grows on the backsides of our ocean dunes and long access roads all along the coast. I see as hedges in people’s yards within a mile or so of the sea as well. It is not native. It comes from the coastal areas of Northern China, Korea, and Japan, and was introduced in Connecticut and on Nantucket Island in the 1840s. From there it as spread all up and down the New England coast.

This is an ultra wide close up, taken with an 18mm equivalent lens on the Sony a5100 from about 8 inches. I like the ultra wide perspective on the occasional close up. Program mode. Landscape Creative Style with -1 Saturation. Processed in Polarr.

Desert Lily

Among the whole wonderful display of desert wildflowers at Anza Borrego Desert this season…at least a mini super-bloom year, and perhaps a full blown super-bloom…the Desert Lily is among my favorites. This is the image I imagined when I ordered the ultra wide landscape kit last month (among others). Off SR22 in the Anza Borrego badlands east of Borrego Springs. In-camera HDR. Sony a5100, 16mm f2.8 pancake with the Ultra Wide converter for 18mm equivalent field of view. Processed in Polarr.