Snapseed Processing

I do an increasing amount of my processing in Snapseed on a mobile device. The Samsung Smart Camera can send images directly via WiFi to an android phone or tablet, and I have a device, the RavPower WiFiStor, that will take the SD card from my Canon and allows me to view and select images on my tablet for processing. All very mobile, ideal for working on the go, and all very addictive. I am currently using the Nexus 7 (2013 edition). Snapseed is a very intuitive and quite fast image processor for mobile devices. On the tablet it works with full sized images. I generally use the Tune Image controls: adding Ambiance (a kind of tone mapping) and occasionally contrast and saturation. Then I use the Details controls to apply sharpening and increase local contrast (Structure). Finally I can easily crop and straighten as needed. It is all finger controlled in real time…you can adjust by eye. And it get the job done. I like the results. In fact, I sometimes choose to process on the Nexus even when my laptop is sitting right there. Ah this mobile age! 🙂

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