Program Modifications

On the Canon SX series super-zooms, I shoot in Program much of the time. I do use Sports Mode for flight shots and In-camera HDR when called for, and occasionally Night Scene Mode for sunrises and sunsets, but most of the time I am in Program. I use iContrast and Auto Shadow Control on all shots as I find that the tonal range is improved. Even so, I find that Program requires an additional tweak on the SX series. All have benefited from -1/3 to -1 EV exposure compensation. At 0EV, even with iContrast, the highlights are too prone to burning out. I keep the cameras set to -1/3EV all the time, and adjust as needed for extreme situations.

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    diane yeager August 31, 2013

    Hi ! I love all your photos! You have a gift for bringing the beauty out of nature in your photographs and I would love to be able to follow your blog. I recently bought a Canon SX50 HS and have a lot to learn but am loving every minute of it !!

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