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Maine! Sunday Supplement

High waters in the Mousam above Old Falls Pond. From the bridge. OM Systems OMD EM5Mkiii with the 12-45mm Pro at 24mm equivalent. In-camera HDR. Nominal exposure: ISO 200 @ f8 @ 1/250th.

Maine! Friday fresh. Back Creek Marsh

Just something to celebrate the end of the week! Colors and light of fast approaching fall. This is Back Creek near where it flows into the Mousam River in Kennebunk Maine. In-camera HDR with the OM Systems OMD EM5Mkiii and the 12-45mm Pro zoom at 24mm equivalent. HDR scene mode. Nominal exposure: ISO 200 @ f9 @ 1/320th. Processed in Pixomator Pro.

Maine! Rainy day antidote

Rain all day today, pretty much, so here is a shot from last week, just before Lee arrived off-shore. Fall coming on, and one of my favorite views around home. OM Systems EM5Miii with 12-45mm Pro zoom at 24mm equivalent. In camera HDR mode. Processed in Pixelmator Pro. Nominal exposure: ISO 200 @ f9 @ 1/320th.

Maine! Prior to Lee

As Lee churns up the Atlantic, it is producing some interesting weather and some great skies. This was the day before yesterday, looking south and and a bit west down the coast. Olympus OMD EM5Miii with the 12-45mm Pro zoom at 24mm equivalent. In camera HDR. Processed in Pixelmator Pro. Nominal exposure ISO 200 @ f11 @ 1/500th.

Maine! Meadow Marsh

One of my favorite local views. This is along the Bridle Path inland from Rt. 9. Testing HDR on the new to me OMD E-M5iii with the 12-45mm zoom at 24mm equivalent. The in-camera HDR mode (in the Scene Modes) seems to produce a nice understated effect. This particular scene can be hard because of the dark pines and maples this time of year, but I am happy with this. 🙂 Good thing. Processed in Pixelmator Pro.

Long Sands Beach, York, Maine

Long Sands Beach, York, Maine, February 2023 — I got on the wrong road coming back from York Hospital where I had a Travel Medicine appointment yesterday, and came up the coast a ways. Not the first time it has happened. I don’t go to York enough to know where I am. Still, it was a beautiful afternoon in February, and I stopped along Long Sands, south of Nubble Light, for this iPhone ultra-wide shot. Auto exposure (which has HDR always engaged on my iPhone 13). Processed in Apple Photos.

Mousam River in the snow…

Kennebunk, Maine, USA, January 2023 — It is very rare indeed for the snow to stay on the trees in southern Maine for more than a few hours. We are into our third day of this winter wonderland now…and it looks good to hold until we get some “wintery mix” late this evening into tomorrow. There are downed trees and branches all over town, and there will be more by morning tomorrow. Still, it is undeniably beautiful. This is two more iPhone 13 shots. One with the ultra-wide lens and, of course, a panorama. The computing power of the phone makes these kinds of photos possible and even easy.

Clinging snow…

Kennebunk, Maine, USA, January 2023 — We had one of those days on Friday. Heavy wet snow overnight, with, thankfully, no wind, and we woke to a world frosted in white. (The thankfulness is about broken branches, downed trees, and power lines…which would have been a major problem with any wind at all…as it was the lawn is littered with fallen branches buried in the snow.) I was out clearing the drive with the snowblower, and still had the energy when I finished for a few phone photos. I have a “new” iPhone 13 with the ultrawide lens to try out. If you follow my Day Poems on Tumbler or Facebook, that graze on the big pine is where the truck hit it a few nights ago…during the last snow storm. Anyway, it makes a change from constant photos of tropical birds and wildlife. 🙂

A little bay on the south Pacific coast of Costa Rica

An iPhone SE and Sirui 18mm lens shot of a little bay north of Marino Ballena National Park on the south Pacific coast of Costa Rica. What a view!

Dawn over the forests of Kibale

Chimpanzee Forest Lodge, Kibale National Park, Uganda, August 2022 — Sony Rx10iv at 24mm equivalent. HDR mode. Processed in Pixelmator Photo and Apple Photos. Equivalent ISO 125 @ f2.5 @ 1/60th. -1.3EV.