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Desert Lily

Among the whole wonderful display of desert wildflowers at Anza Borrego Desert this season…at least a mini super-bloom year, and perhaps a full blown super-bloom…the Desert Lily is among my favorites. This is the image I imagined when I ordered the ultra wide landscape kit last month (among others). Off SR22 in the Anza Borrego badlands east of Borrego Springs. In-camera HDR. Sony a5100, 16mm f2.8 pancake with the Ultra Wide converter for 18mm equivalent field of view. Processed in Polarr.

Fall fungus in the forest…

Fall has produced an abundant crop of interesting scale fungi on the fallen limbs at Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. There is a beauty in the patterns and the shapes, at least to my eye. Sony RX10iv at 489mm equivalent. In-camera HDR. Processed in Polarr.

Maine Winter Morning

The neighborhood, Kennebunk Maine

Yesterday was one of the most visually beautiful days I have ever experienced in Southern Maine. We had 3 feet of snow on the ground, and another 6 inches fell over-night…wet, clingy snow that stuck where it first touched, so every tree and bush had its frosting of snow. Unfortunately that meant that the snow in our drive was a mix of snow and not quite frozen water…heavy to lift in the shovel, and a real chore for the snowblower. My first project was to get the drive cleared and the cars out, but then I took a walk around the neighborhood to enjoy the beauty. My neighbor was out with his snowblower and saw me walking by. “Beautiful,” he said, “but a pain in the butt.” “Beautiful,” I said, “but a pain in the lower back.” Certainly beautiful though. By noon the sun was coming out, there was some blue in the sky, and the scenery went from beautiful to spectacular. If you follow my “For the love of landscape…” on Facebook or Google+, you will see some of the images from a drive I took in the afternoon…or maybe I will have one left to share here tomorrow. 🙂
Sony Rx10iii in-camera HDRs. Processed in Polarr on my iPad Pro. Assembled in Framemagic. These shots were taken early, about an hour after first light. 

Pine Plantation, January thaw…

Pine plantation, Alwive Pond Preserve, W. Kennebunk Maine

I went inland yesterday on my photo prowl. I managed to find a safe place to park at Kennebunk Plains and walked in to Day Brook Pond, and then went around the loop to Alwive Pond Preserve on the other side of the Mousam and walked back through the pine plantations there. After several days of rain and thaw, it is looking rather winter-worn and the trail, where it has been packed by hikers and snowshoers, is pure ice, but the pine plantation was a strange as ever. A poem.

There are few places stranger than
the pine plantation at Alwive Pond.
The trees all of a kind and all of an
age…my age…or a few years younger,
planted in the early 50s to fill in 
for the fires of 47. And today, in 
a January thaw, the trees stand stark
in the filtered light, unnaturally even, 
holding high a fragile roof against 
the winter sky. The hush is so profound 
it is a presence, behind you, a cowled
multitude, breathing reverence in 
perfect rhythm to your breath. 

Sony Rx10iii in-camera HDR. 24mm equivalent field of view. Processed in Polarr on my iPad Pro for a somewhat high-key effect to bring out the geometry. 

Reflections in a flood tide…

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters, Wells Maine.

This week’s Supermoon (the last for this year) caused exceptionally high tides all along the coast here in southern Maine. This is Branch Brook at Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in Wells Maine, a good mile inland from the sea. All about color and clouds and reflections.

Sony RX10iii at 24mm equivalent field of view. In-camera HDR. Nominal exposure: 1/1000th @ f4 @ ISO 100. Processed in Polarr on my Android tablet. 

Cedar Waxwings at Arroyo Hondo

Cedar Waxwings, Arroyo Hondo Open Space, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We went walking at Arroyo Hondo Open Space on the southeastern edge of Santa Fe yesterday morning. While the more vigorous hikers did the loop down toward the stream, I took the trail that stops gently up to the top of the hill, and was rewarded  by a flock of 30-40 Cedar Waxwings. They circled around the hill several times, just close enough to see what they were, and then settled in interior of a large bushy pine. They remained there, buried in the foliage, but I was able to walk up relatively closely and catch them through the branches when they perched in slightly more open spots. There are 4 in this shot. 

Sony RX10iii. 600MM equivalent field of view. In-camera HDR. Processed in PhotoShop Express on my Android tablet. 

Desert Sunset

Tucson Mountain Park, Tucson AZ

An early post for 8/11’s Pic for Today. First night in Tucson. Sunset form Grant’s Pass in Tucson Mountain Park. 

Sony RX10iii at 24mm equivalent field of view. Program Mode with six stop in-camera HDR. – 1 EV exposure compensation. Processed in Lightroom on an Android tablet. 

Crocuses in the snow… Spring surprise.

Crocuses in the snow, our yard, Kennebunk ME

Though April snow storms are not unheard of in Southern Maine, they always come as a surprise, especially right after a week of really spring like weather. We had a day in the 70s last week. Then it snowed a bit on Sunday, and then pretty much all day on Monday, and we woke to something over 2 inches on the ground. The crocuses, as you see here, were not happy! I don’t know what will become of them…whether that’s it for blossoms this year, or if these blooms can recover, or if they will push out new buds. Time will tell. They are hardy plants and we can only hope. I feel for them. I was ready for spring too! 🙂 Still, there is no accounting for the weather…and don’t get me started on climate change!

Sony HX90V at 24mm equivalent field of view from a few inches out. In-camera HDR. Nominal exposure 1/2000th @ ISO 80 @ f4. Processed in Lightroom.


Nubble Light, Winter Sky.

Nubble Light, Cape Neddick Maine.

I was coming up the coast from a abortive search for Snowy Owls on the beaches of New Hampshire and could not resist, despite the intermittent cold December rain, swinging out along the coast to see how Nubble Light was doing. They had the Christmas wreath up on the pump-house and a stiff wind was blowing the flag out. The light was dull enough so the beacon was lit and showing as it turned its circuit out to sea. The sea was steel gray reflecting green. Somber, but attractive in its own way.

In-camera HDR. Sony HX90V at 24mm equivalent field of view. Nominal exposure: 1/500th @ ISO 80 @ f3.5. Processed in Lightroom.

Thin Ice

ice on Back Creek Pond, Kennebunk ME

Though I have hundreds of images left, we will take a break from the birds and critters of Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge this morning to visit one of my favorite local Maine ponds. The pond is ice-covered, but just…and the ice still has a lot of character: bubbles, ripples, strange patterns where it froze around things, etc. It looks almost as though the ice formed instantaneously…the whole surface freezing in one second…catching whatever was going on…freezing motion. In this case…the stress lines formed by a bit of floating debris.

In-camera HDR. Sony HX90V at 148mm equivalent field of view. Nominal exposure: 1/250th @ ISO 2000 @ f5.6. Processed in Lightroom.