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Maine! Friday fresh. Back Creek Marsh

Just something to celebrate the end of the week! Colors and light of fast approaching fall. This is Back Creek near where it flows into the Mousam River in Kennebunk Maine. In-camera HDR with the OM Systems OMD EM5Mkiii and the 12-45mm Pro zoom at 24mm equivalent. HDR scene mode. Nominal exposure: ISO 200 @ f9 @ 1/320th. Processed in Pixomator Pro.

Maine! Rainy day antidote

Rain all day today, pretty much, so here is a shot from last week, just before Lee arrived off-shore. Fall coming on, and one of my favorite views around home. OM Systems EM5Miii with 12-45mm Pro zoom at 24mm equivalent. In camera HDR mode. Processed in Pixelmator Pro. Nominal exposure: ISO 200 @ f9 @ 1/320th.

Maine! Prior to Lee

As Lee churns up the Atlantic, it is producing some interesting weather and some great skies. This was the day before yesterday, looking south and and a bit west down the coast. Olympus OMD EM5Miii with the 12-45mm Pro zoom at 24mm equivalent. In camera HDR. Processed in Pixelmator Pro. Nominal exposure ISO 200 @ f11 @ 1/500th.

Maine! Meadow Marsh

One of my favorite local views. This is along the Bridle Path inland from Rt. 9. Testing HDR on the new to me OMD E-M5iii with the 12-45mm zoom at 24mm equivalent. The in-camera HDR mode (in the Scene Modes) seems to produce a nice understated effect. This particular scene can be hard because of the dark pines and maples this time of year, but I am happy with this. 🙂 Good thing. Processed in Pixelmator Pro.

Dawn over the forests of Kibale

Chimpanzee Forest Lodge, Kibale National Park, Uganda, August 2022 — Sony Rx10iv at 24mm equivalent. HDR mode. Processed in Pixelmator Photo and Apple Photos. Equivalent ISO 125 @ f2.5 @ 1/60th. -1.3EV.

Not a bleak mid-winter

We will take a break, this winter Sunday, from our ongoing converge of the birds and nature of Costa Rica to bring you this special report from snowy southern Maine. We have not had all that much snow yet this winter and, to be honest, a nice gentle 8 inch fall is just what we needed to make the cold and damp feel worth it all. (It won’t last. A wintery mix is predicted for today, without much accumulation.) Still, I got out yesterday as far as Laudholm Farms to find a nice snowy scene. Sony Rx10iv at 24mm equivalent. Program mode with auto HDR. Processed in Pixomator Photo and Apple Photos. Equivalent exposure: ISO 100 @ f5 @ 1/1000th.

Little River Marsh

This is looking across from the Little River Marsh overlook at Laudholm Farms toward the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge headquarters, on a late fall day. iPhone SE with Sirui 18mm ultra-wide lens. Apple Camera app with Smart HDR engaged. Processed in Apple Photos.

Tumbling down at Emmon’s Preserve

As I have mentioned before, the Batson River tumbles down over a short run of ledges at Emmon’s Preserve in Kennebunkport…there is not always enough water to make it interesting, but recent tropical storms and tropical storm remnants have made the ledges merry! I am not a fan of the whole silky water effect thing, when it is overdone, but I do like a bit of blur. Sony Rx10iv at 34mm equivalent. Program with HDR. Program shift for a slow shutter speed and Exposure Compensation to hold the highlights. Nominal exposure: ISO 100 @ f16 @ 1/6th. -1.7 EV. Hand held.

Day Brook Pond

I am falling behind…not because I am not posting every day, but because I am taking too many photos 🙂 Not a bad problem to have. Of course a string of rainy days might cure that, but for now, I am going to group this set taken at the same location on the same outing: I rode my trike out to Day Brook Pond on the Kennebunk Plains near home here in Maine, to see how spring was coming along. We have the Plains landscape on the way into the pond at 24mm equivalent (all with the Sony Rx10iv, this one with HDR, and the rest with my birds and wildlife modifications to Program), a Northern Water Snake (one of the largest I have ever seen) at 465mm, Dogwood in bloom against a stand of white birch at 24mm, two Painted Turtles sharing what appears to be a tender moment (but probably was not really) at 600mm, and Eastern Pine Elfin at 600mm and about 3 feet (this is a tiny butterfly, about 1/2 inch across). In leaner times I might have stretched this out over 5 posts, as each shot has an interest of its own. (I did already post the Elfin to some of the Butterfly groups on Facebook, but it belongs here too, in the context of the the visit to Day Brook Pond.)

Nature Phone: Mousam Marsh

Ever since borrowing a ZEISS 18mm equivalent lens for a trip to Europe many years ago, I have enjoyed the ultra-wide, not too wide, and definitely not fisheye, view of the 18mm. So, of course, one of my motivations for exploring photography with iPhone was the existence of many 18mm equivalent wide-angle clip on lenses. I have two, one of the ubiquitous cheap ones I bought as an example of the kind in a full lens kit for under $30, and then my Sirui which is rated among the best. Combined with in-camera (or in-phone) HDR the results are pleasing…if not comparable to my 18mm lens set on the Sony a6500. But then I did expect large sensor performance from the tiny phone sensor. This is the marsh down by the mouth of the Mousam River a few miles from my house. iPhone SE 2020 with Sirui 18mm lens. Vivid HDR extension in ProCamera. Processed in Polarr and Apple Photos.