Daily Archives: July 6, 2024

Maine! 2000 piece puzzle anyone?

Kennebunk, Maine, USA. A deep storm surge brought in lots of seaweed from the seabed off-shore. Such a range of color and texture. Ready to be made into a puzzle to befuddle the best puzzlers. That will keep them busy for a while 🙂 Sony A6700 with the Tamron 50-400 Di iii VC zoom at 79mm equivalent. Program mode with some macro modifications. Processed in Photomator.

Maine! Turning Tern

Least Tern: York County, Maine, USA, July 2024 — Terns will turn, and twist, and swoop…among the most acrobatic of flyers. And they are so fast! Catching them in the air is a challenge but also lots of fun. This was a cloudy day with sea fog still in the air so pretty much a nothing sky, and the terns came out of mist like winged rockets. Sony A6700 with the Tamron 50-400 Di iii VC zoom at 600mm equivalent. Program mode with my evolving birds in flight and action modifications. Processed in Photomator. You can zoom in on that face. I was definitely in this bird’s sights.