Table of Contents

  1. The Point and Shoot Naturalist
  2. Making Macro with P&S Auto is your (Smart) friend.
  3. Program: beyond Smart (Auto 🙂
  4. Dramatic Landscapes: HDR Sweep Panorama
  5. Shoot Out: Canon SX60HS vs. SX50HS and Sony HX400V
  6. DIY: Bird and Wildlife Mode
  7. The really strong suggestion of thirds…
  8. P&S Nature Photographer does Cape May Autumn Weekend
  9. Fear not the darkness…
  10. Point and Shoot Nature Photography at the National Butterfly Center.
  11. Point and Shoot Depth of Field
  12. BIF with a Point & Shoot!
  13. Backgrounding. P&S Technique
  14. Point and Shoot: reality “reproduced” or reality “rendered”?
  15. Sports Mode/Follow Focus for Active Wildlife
  16. P&S in the Tropics!
  17. Nikon P900: Breaking new superzoom ground!
  18. The P&S Tropical Challenge: Tranquilo Bay Panama
  19. Point and Shoot for Warblers
  20. Why we love P&S Superzoom
  21. Sony HX90V. Perfect (almost) second/first/travel P&S superzoom
  22. BIF: The Nikon Version
  23. DIY Lightroom Preset
  24. Basic settings for Wildlife
  25. Sony RX10III. Yes, but is really a superzoom?
  26. BIF, Sports Mode, Sony RX10III 
  27. P&S Nature Adventure in Honduras 2016
  28. PSNP at Tranquilo Bay, Panama
  29. PSNP does Africa!
  30. PSNP in Cuba
  31. Basic Post-processing for PSNP

5 thoughts on “Table of Contents”

  1. hello steve ,
    we like to know wich camera makes the best macro photo’s the canon sx 50 or the sony 400v?
    best regards hendrik.

    1. They are about equal…with the edge going to the Sony, except at long focal lengths…if you do tele-macro, then the Canon focuses considerably closer.

  2. Hello Steve. This was a great camera review! Instead of numbers and measurements etc., you gave the reader actual user situations with practical and useful observations. I have a question about the Nikon P610 which you originally ordered but cancelled in favor of the P900: Do you intend to review the Nikon P610 and do you know for sure that Nikon has fixed the problems that the P600 had such as slow focusing etc. Thanks again for a great review.

    1. From the chatter on dpreview forums, I am confident that the P610 is functionally identical to the P900, just with a shorter zoom and a smaller body 🙂 I would love to review it…but…I have the buy the cameras and another new camera is not in the budget (unless something really spectacular and different comes out…I pretty much know how the P610 will perform from testing the P900 🙂

  3. Hi Steve,
    I read in your book about your bean bag monopod head and am interested in making one. Can you share what materials were used and where you got them? I would never have thought it would be so difficult to find a small bag like the one you pictured.
    I just got a Nikon P950 and I think it would be helpful.
    Loved your book and your pictures. Got some great ideas.

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