Sony RX10iv for Point and Shoot Nature Photography Guide

I have completed my Guide to using the Sony RX10iv for Point and Shoot Nature Photography. You can download it below. 

And, if you enjoy the booklet and would like to contribute to my Sony RX10v fund (if and when), click here: to go to my PayPal page. 🙂 No contribution is necessary, but all contributions are appreciated. 

6 thoughts on “Sony RX10iv for Point and Shoot Nature Photography Guide”

  1. Excellent book Steve. I did find two typos that I thought you might want to correct. Page 17 in the Focus area paragraph, you had “tacking”. I think you meant “tracking”
    And on Page 18 in the creative style paragraph, you referred to “waste” where I believe you really wanted “waist”.

    It was a great read, and I am going to definitely try out some of your suggested settings.
    Thanks so much for doing this.

  2. Wonderful resource. I purchased your general P&S Nature book, and was hoping you’d release something specific to the RX10iv…the recommended settings are very helpful to those of us just beginning to learn about this camera. Thanks again!

    PS One other minor correction…I believe you mean ‘patent’ and not ‘patient’ near the end where you’re discussing the beanbag monopod, etc. 🙂

  3. I have read your Sony RX10 iv article and it’s so clear and informative! I have highlighted all over it. I just got the camera. I don’t have an account with Paypal, so how else can I send you a donation? I’d be happy to do that.

    I just got your Point & Shoot book, and it’s terrific. Detailed explanations of why each setting is recommended. This is the first time I’ve read so much about the camera I’m using.

    Also, sorry you won’t be at the Florida Birding Festival. (I was going to sign up for your classes). Ever do anything in the Everglades?

    Anyway, thank you for all you do.

  4. This is just what I’ve needed–specific settings for the type of photography I like to do and much better than another e-book I have that doesn’t go into the settings detail. Thank you so much

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