On Safari: Kenya, with the Sony RX10iv

In September, 2018, I traveled to Kenya with my Sony RX10iv for 12 days in the Parks and Refuges, photographing wildlife, birds, and landscapes. It was an amazing journey, which I made into a book. I have posted it here as a PDF, for your viewing pleasure. It will take a few moments to load. 

On Safari: Kenya.  On Safari Kenya 

3 thoughts on “On Safari: Kenya, with the Sony RX10iv”

  1. Steve,
    Fabulous collection . I’m amazed at what you saw and the images captured. I spent a month in Kenya in 1976, so your images stirred up some emotion in me. I just purchased an RX10iv so love to see what others do with the camera. Many of your images look like Panos ..are they, or just using the wide end of that phenomenal zeiss lens? I believe you only shoot JPEG and process minimally on the road. Was this the case on this trip too? Thanks for sharing! Glen

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