Prong-billed Barbet

Just up the road (or rather down the road, since we are on the other side of the continental divide now) from La Paz Waterfall Gardens there is a little road-side Soda (a small mom-and-pop restaurant/gift shop: Soda Y Mirador) with a wonderful view of St. Francisco Falls off the back deck and active fruit and hummingbird feeders to draw in the birds. Walking through the Soda is very unassuming, and then you get to the deck and, if you are a birder, and it is the right time of day, are instantly overwhelmed by the bird life and photographic opportunities. Excellent coffee too! My kind of place. This is a Prong-billed Barbet, one of only two barbets in Costa Rica (the other being the Red-headed Barbet). Taken from about 5 feet at 600mm equivalent. Anti-motion Blur mode. Processed in Polarr and Apple Photos.

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