Maine! Caught on the wind

Least Tern: York County, Maine, USA, July 2024 — I have taken over 20,000 shots of Least Terns in flight (or attempted at any rate) over the past month. I go out for a few hours and come back with 2500 exposures…of which I pick maybe 50 to process, and out of that 50 I might get 5 that somewhat satisfy me…and out of the 5, I might be happy enough with one of them to post. But that is just the way photographing Least Terns in flight goes…at least at my level of skill and with my equipment. In the month I have tried two different cameras and three different lenses. I bought a new camera and a new lens primarily because I was not happy with the results my current setup was producing. But of course the equipment is the least important thing about tern in flight photography. Mostly it is just practice and waiting on grace. Most of the keepers are pure gifts…they just happen if you are out there trying. Anyway. Sony A6700 with the Tamron 50-400 Di iii VC zoom at 600mm equivalent. Program mode with my evolving birds in flight and action modifications. Processed in Photomator.

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