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Maine! Semi-palms (focus stack)

Semi-palmated Sandpipers and Plover: York County, Maine, USA, September 2023 — This looks different. It is different. It is a focus stacked image of a group of Semi-palmated Sandpipers, and one Semi-Palmated Plover from our local beach the day before Hurricane Lee went by off-shore. The birds were still! Still enough that I attempted a hand held (well bean-bag monopod supported) in-camera focus stack. I set the OM-1 to take 8 shots at different focus points and combine them into one shot…otherwise I could have only focused on one of these birds at a time with an 800mm equivalent lens. Though the result is much closer to reality…that is to the way our eye sees it from 12 feet away…in a photo where we expect a narrow focus plane it can look unreal. OM-Systems OM-1 with ED 100-400mm zoom at 800mm equivalent. Program mode with focus stacking. Processed in Pixomator Pro. Nominal exposure: ISO 200 @ f7.1 @ 1/1000th.

Maine! Focus stacked fungi

One of my excuses for buying the Olympus OMD EM5Miii and the 12-45mm zoom was so that I could do focus stacked macro without taking the 100-400mm zoom off my OM-1. I have a December trip to Costa Rica that features at least 2 macro photography outings. 🙂 And I have not done much real macro while using the Sony RX10iv as it did not lend itself to really close work (and did not have in-camera focus stacking anyway). For those who do not know, focus stacking takes 8-10 exposures, automatically moving focus by a set increment, and then combines those images in the camera to produce an image that has much greater depth of field than a normal exposure…so that macro subjects in particular where depth of field is a real issue, can appear sharp from the very front to the very back. These are a few mushrooms I found along the Bridle Path in Kennebunk last week. I have a little, light weight Sirui carbon fiber tripod that I bought for this purpose exactly, and it works really well. Olympus OMD EM5Miii with the 12-45mm zoom at various focal lengths. Program mode with focus stacking. The only issue is the mosquitoes working this close to the ground for any length of time 🙂

Maine! Monday motivation

Focus stacked image of Begonia flowers from the back deck. OM Systems OMD-EM5Miii with 12-45mm f4 Pro zoom. Program mode with focus stacking at 90mm equivalent. Nominal exposure ISO 200 @ f4.5 @ 1/125th. Processed in Pixelmator Pro.

Maine! Friday Surprise. Indian Pipe

Ground level on a small stand of emerging Indian Pipe (Ghost Pipe, Ghost Flower) This is a hand-held focus stack from the OM-1 and the 12-45mm f4 Pro. Program mode. Processed in Pixelmator Pro.