Daily Archives: June 12, 2024

Maine! driftwood sculpture

A gift of the beach altering storms of late winter and early spring…this massive tree trunk was deposited high on the beach against the dunes. That was all sand behind it last year. Who knows where this tree grew to this size though its history is undoubtedly written in the twisted roots. OM System OM-1 with M.Zuiko 12-45 f4 Pro zoom at 26mm equivalent. Program mode. Processed in Photomator.

Maine! swing and a miss

Least Tern: York County, Maine, USA, June 2024 — Life is not all wins for the Least Tern. I suspect, like most photographers I know, there are way more misses than keepers. These shots are keepers, though at larger magnifications they are not critically sharp…they capture a moment. Not a moment of success for the Tern, but a significant moment nonetheless. And considering how fast the tern was moving, I am happy to have gotten them at all. 🙂 OM System OM-1Mkii with M.Zuiko 100-400IS zoom at 684mm equivalent. Program mode with my custom birds-in-flight and action modifications. Processed in Photomator and assembled in FrameMagic.