Daily Archives: July 24, 2018

Day Lily

Day Lily, the yard, Kennebunk, Maine

Our Day Lilies bloom at least two weeks later than the lilies just a quarter mile up the street, and a week later than the lilies just down the street. I think we sit right in a cold pocket, and certainly our yard is more shaded than most. On the other hand, along our driveway, we have double lilies…lilies that produce complex blossoms that have at least twice the number of flower parts they need…one flower nestled inside the other. In other parts of the yard our lilies are normal. ?? This is one of the doubles. Sony RX10iv at 465mm. Program mode with Program Shift for greater depth of field. 1/100th @ f9 @ ISO 500, in late afternoon shade. Processed in Polarr.