Daily Archives: July 12, 2018

Seeing in Black and White

Rachel Carson NWR Headquarters, Wells, Maine

It does not happen often, but occasionally I will find myself seeing in Black and White…not literally, of course, but seeing the possibility of a Black and White image in the world of color. And once I see my first potential B&W, generally I see several. And then it is gone. I may not take another image for intentional B&W treatment for months. 🙂 It happened yesterday while walking the trail at the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in Wells, Maine. These are “extreme HDR” images from the Sony RX10iv…taken with HDR set to a +/- 6 EV difference. I applied 1930s B&W film filters in Polarr and then tweaked the results to taste with the “light” controls. Borders were added in PhotoShop Express. And the panel was assembled in FrameMagic. I find the B&W images only really pop when displayed on a black background…hence the borders…but even the panel looks best in full screen mode with a dark background.