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Bumblebee in the Turtlehead

Someone gave us a few Turtlehead plants many years ago, and they have grown into 4 substantial clumps in the shade of the trees along either edge of our yard. Turtleheads are more commonly a flower of the stream-side. We have the white variety growing wild along the Kennebunk River not from from home. They are such a strange flower, closed in on themselves and not very inviting, but the big bumblebees we have here in Southern Maine seem to like them, and are very busy forcing their ways into the throat of the turtle and back out again laden with pollen. I was out with my iPhone for some macro and semi-macro shots. This one was taken with the Sirui 60mm portrait lens on the Moment thin case at about 2x digital zoom with the standard Apple Camera app. Smart HDR engaged. Processed in Apple Photos.

Nature Phonography: Leftovers

A found still-live: a cluster of oak leaves still clinging on here on the cusp of spring in Southern Maine…as Oak leaves will do wherever they are found. iPhone SE 2020 with Sirui 60mm portrait lens on the Moment thin case. Standard Apple Camera app with 2x digital zoom. I am liking this combination. I have added a bluetooth grip to the phone setup for field work…it provides the kind of wrap around grip any camera user is used to, and has a bluetooth shutter release that falls right where it should, under your trigger finger.