Written in the ice…


Ice patterns along the Kennebunk Bridle Path, Kennebunk Maine

It was windy yesterday, and though the temperature was only in the low 30s, it was bitter cold to be out. I only lasted less than an hour on my photoprowl along the Kennebunk Bridle Path, before my hands were hurting enough so it was not fun anymore. Still I found these interesting (to me) patterns in the ice in the little water channels next to path where it passes through the woods behind the marsh. They, and patterns like them, inspired this poem.

Whatever is written in the ice
at the edge of forest pools in
January, is evidently in code,
or some long forgotten Cyrillic
alphabet, all styalized curves,
more drawn than written, as
though by monks illuminating
medieval manuscripts by candle
light. It will take a better mind
than mine to decipher it. But
then, I am pretty certain the
message is not for me anyway…

Sony RX10III @ 77mm equivalent field of view. In-camera HDR. Nominal exposure: 1/250th @ ISO 100 @ f3.5. Processed and cropped for composition in Polarr on my iPad Pro.

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