Yellow-throated Toucan

Yellow-throated Toucan: Danta Corcovado Lodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, December 2022 — We were on the van leaving Danta Corcovado Lodge to travel to Las Cruces Biological Research Station and the Wilson Botanical Gardens for the next adventure, but we did not get out of the driveway before we had to stop for this Yellow-billed Toucan eating palm nuts right beside the road…in the open…in the sun! Needless to say, we all piled out for some photos. Toucans, when you come right down to it, are not “nice” birds…they raid the nests of their neighbors for both eggs and chicks…but they certainly are big and bold and colorful. That bill is a hollow, fairly fragile, shell…otherwise they would be even more aerodynamically challenged than they are. Sony Rx10iv at 591mm equivalent. Program mode with my custom birds and wildlife modifications. Processed in Pixelmator Pro and Apple Photos. ISO 100 @ f7.1 @ 1/1000th.

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