Olive-backed Euphonia and Clay-colored Thrush

As we cruised down the Sarapiqui River in the Caribbean lowlands of Costa Rica, we found the national bird of Costa Rica, the Clay-colored Thursh, keeping company with a pair of Olive-backed Euphonias as they searched for seeds or bugs among the mosses growing on the otherwise exposed bank of the river. The Clay-colored Thrush earned its “national bird” distinction because of its pervasive and melodious song, not certainly because of its physical beauty…the clay of the river bank shows just how aptly the Thrush is named. The Euphopnias, on the other hand, are all named for their clear pleasing songs…though they do tend to be more colorful. “Olive-backed” does not really do justice to the beauty of this bird, especially in contrast to the Thrush. This is a long distance shot, taken at 600mm equivalent on the Sony RX10iv and cropped heavily as I processed it in Polarr. Program mode with my custom Birds and Wildlife modifications.

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