Daily Archives: May 2, 2017

Blue-footed Boobies Dance

Blue-footed Boobies, North Seymour Island, the Galapagos, Ecuador

In addition to the Great and Magnificent Frigatebirds nesting on North Seymour Island in the Galapagos when we visited with the Wildside Nature Tours Gal├ípagos Adventure, there are hundreds of pairs of Blue-footed Boobies. While the Frigatebirds nest in the low shrubs, the Boobies nest on the ground…and while the male Frigatebird’s display is static and decorative, the Blue-footed Boobies stage elaborate courting dances that involve a lot of wing and foot raising and posturing…very courtly. The panel captures one such dance. 

Sony Rx10iii at 600mm equivalent. Program Mode. 1/400th @ ISO 100 @ f4. Processed in Polarr and assembled in FrameMagic on my iPad Pro.