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Frigatebirds of North Seymour Island

Frigatebirds, North Seymour Island, the Galapagos, Ecuador

North Seymour Island in the Galapagos is a nesting area for both Blue-footed Boobies and Frigatebirds, both Great and Magnificent. A male Frigatebird in breeding attire is sight to see…the neck pouch is pretty spectacular. The males sit on the nest fully inflated to attract a female. Often they also spread their wings…I am not sure if that is just rest posture or if it is part of the display. The females of the Great and Magnificent Frigatebirds are easier to distinguish but there are subtle differences in the iridescence of the feathers behind the head. The green highlights on the bird on the right means it is almost certainly a Great Frigiatebird. It is also something to see the males in flight with their neck pouches fully inflated. Wildside Nature Tours Galapagos Adventure. 

Sony Rx10iii at various focal lengths. Program Mode (adjusted for Flight on the bottom left). Processed in Polarr and assembled in FrameMagic on my iPad Pro.