4/3/2012: Marsh Grass, Kennebunk ME

I am a sucker for shots like this…winter bleached marsh grass shaped by the wind and water, in the even light of an overcast day. Or the harsh shadows of a sunny day. Or with a bit of snow on. Or in the rain. I just like the patterns grass, especially dry grass, gets into…and I like the textures and the lines. If I can’t find anything else to photograph in the marsh, I always take pictures of the grass.

This clump, set off as it is by an area of flattened grasses brings the textures and lines to the forefront. I zoomed in to 350mm equivalent field of view to further isolate the clump. The result is almost abstract…almost. The grass is too clearly grass for line and color and texture to totally dominate. This is still a picture of grass.

Canon SX40HS at 350mm field of view. f5 @ 1/250th @ ISO 100. Program with iContrast and –1/3EV exposure compensation.

Processed in Lightroom for intensity, clarity, and sharpness.

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