Vermillion Flycatcher

Like the Green Kingfisher, the Vermillion Flycatcher is a bird that I do not like to leave South Texas without seeing, and, hopefully, photographing. Estero Llano Grande is always a good spot and they tend to hang out at the west end of the two big ponds…one or the other…on most visits. Sometimes they are close, and sometimes, like this year, they are at the limits of what my camera can manage. This shot is at 1200mm equivalent using Clear Image Zoom past the optical limit, and fairly heavily cropped at that. Still, the Vermillion Flycatcher is certainly one of the more spectacular examples of the species. This one was very busy hunting bugs over the water of the pond, and came back to sit in the same tree on an island about 50 yards from the boardwalk. Sony Rx10iv. Program mode with my custom birds and wildlife modifications. Processed in Polarr and Apple Photos. And here is a slightly heavier crop.

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