Daily Archives: June 7, 2021

Harvester in the lupines

I did warn you that you would have to suffer a lot of lupines now that they are in season here in southern Maine. 🙂 This harvester (I think it might be called a “hay rake”) has been sitting photogenically in the corner of this field of lupines for as long as I have been photographing the yearly lupine show…and that is many years now. It might look antique but I think it is a actually functioning piece of machinery and gets used yearly when they cut and bale this field. I think. Maybe. I can only think the farmer leaves it out in the field for purely aesthetic reasons…because, like the lupines themselves…it looks really good in that field…and in combination with the lupines it makes for some very compelling photographic opportunities. There is a kind of path where other photographers have broken down the lupines trying to get out to the machine for close up shots…I choose to use a long lens and save wear and tear on the lupines. I appreciate the generosity of the farm family that maintains this lupine field, and that, so far, has never objected to my photographic visits…or, as far as I know, the visits of hundreds of other photographers who know about the field or chance on it…and I chose not to repay that generosity by trampling the lupines. That kind of thing too often gives photographers a bad name. Nikon B700 at 117mm equivalent (not that long a lens :). Program mode. Vivid Picture Control. Low Active-D Lighting. -.3EV Processed in Polarr and Apple Photos.