Daily Archives: May 4, 2020

Trout Lily

There is a poem that goes with this:

I went out for Trout Lily today.
Lily season in the Maine woods,
and I was inspired by photos
posted by other stay-at-home
friend photographers around
the country. I braved the Black
Flies (that’s me risking, truth to
be told, a severe allergic reaction),
pedaled almost 10 miles to the
trail head in Emmon’s Preserve,
hiked in and there they were,
right where I expected them…
clusters of bright yellow flowers,
nodding, showing the red-orange
on the backs of their petals, over
dark green brown-dappled leaves.
Perfection. I took, as you might
expect, a lot of photos, and made
it down to the river to check the falls,
then walked back to the bike and
peddled the 10 miles home.
That’s it. Trout Lily mission
accomplished for 2020, despite
the pandemic’s best efforts.

There have been a few years where I missed the Trout Lilies altogether, because they always bloom so much earlier than I expect. I was happy to be prompted by friends in Concord, New Hampshire, inland and slightly south of us, where the lilies were in bloom a week ago, and by photos from other parts of the country. And, as a bonus, we had temps in the 60s and on and off sun yesterday. Perfect to get out on the ebike. Sony Rx10iv at 24mm equivalent. HDR mode. Nominal exposure ISO 100 @ 1/250th. Processed in Polarr and Apple Photos.