Daily Archives: March 8, 2020

Variations on a theme Cedar Waxwings

What will I do with my
hundreds of photos of
Cedar Waxwings from 
the past few weeks…
I see it as an installation…
a bare room, wide pine
board floor, white walls,
neutral gray ceiling, subtle 
track lighting, and hundreds
of Cedar Waxwing shots
hung in rows upon the walls,
in all the poses they get
into, the improbable 
acrobatics of plucking
berries, dozens of berry
in the beak, the classic 
meditative portrait with-
out one fine feather out 
of place…groomed by
the wind of their own
passing, no two shots
the same, but so 
similar…they might be
all one bird. “Variations”
I would call it, 
“Variations on a theme 
of Cedar Waxwings.” 

Here are two ways of envisioning my Variations on Cedar Waxwings. A Gallery where you can page through them, and a video slideshow.