Daily Archives: October 16, 2019

Olive-bellied Sunbird

Another good bird from our Bigodi Swamp Walk in Bigodi Village near Kibale National Park, Uganda…the Olive-bellied Sunbird, spotted at the edge of bean field on our way back to the center. The Bogodi Swamp Walk is one of two excursions offered by the Bogodi Ecotourism Center, which is, as I mentioned yesterday in another Facebook post, a community initiated, community funded, and community run effort to develop tourism in the village, with a staff of naturalists and cultural interpreters and extensive connections among the local people. (And, while you are parked at their somewhat rustic office, you can have your safari van professionally washed and cleaned inside and out!) The guide who took us exploring on the extensive network of trails was an excellent birder. This is all very low-keyed…a ramble through forest edges and across crop fields, and a visit to some holding ponds where the swamp probably was, but the staff is knowledgeable and the birds are great! And you have to admire the foresight and courage in the village that developed and maintains the project. #Epic_Uganda_Vacations.