Daily Archives: February 3, 2018

Alligator Grin

American Alligator, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Titusville, Florida

There were more Alligators visible this year at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Florida than I can remember seeing in a long time. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe it was the unusually high water in some sections of the refuge. Maybe it was just that I happened to be on the refuge at the right times. This big old bull is often hauled up on this little patch of high ground among the mangroves. I have seen him there for many years. Such a classic Crocodile Grin…only he, of course, is not a Crocodile. 🙂 Alligator Grin. Just does not have the same ring to it, but I am not sure the gator cares. He looks pretty happy with himself. (Of course he is really warming himself since his tongue absorbs much more heat from the sun than his thick hide. 🙂 Sony RX10iv at 254mm and 600mm equivalents. Program mode. -.3EV. Processed in Polarr and assembled in FrameMagic.