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Common Buzzard, Portugal

Common Buzzard, Tagus Estuary, Portugal

I seem to be developing a theme here: Raptors of the Tagus Estuary in Portugal. This is the Common Buzzard, certainly the most common raptor we saw on the Tagus and elsewhere throughout southern Portugal. Common Buzzard is the nominal species of Buteo, Buteo buteo, and closely related to our Red-tailed Hawk and the other buteos of North America. They are all called Buzzards in Europe, which causes some confusion for novice North American birders when they first begin looking at European birds, as they are in no way related to the group of Vultures we commonly call buzzards in North America. So it goes. Sony RX10iv at 600mm. Program mode. 1/320th @ ISO 100 @ f4. Processed in Photoshop Express.