Daily Archives: December 12, 2017

Mértola, Portugal

Mértola, Portugal on its hill above the Guadiana River.

We are staying in Mértola, Portugal, exploring the Alentejo region. The town surrounds a short sharp hill, with its Castle on top, and its church just below. The both the castle and the church occupy sites that were fortified and sacred well before the Christian era. The current church was built as a mosque during the moorish occupation, and then rechristened as a church when the moors were driven out. The town is proud of all its history. Excavations are underway in many parts of town, and castle and church are national monuments, complete with museums and exhibits. It is a town hanging on to its history, and planning for a sustainable future. They like birders there! Sony RX10iv at 80mm equivalent. In-camera HDR. Processed in Photoshop Express.