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Old Falls on the Mousam

Old Falls on the Mousam River. W. Kennebunk Maine

Tired of panoramas yet? I have a new toy…or a new app at least…which enables me to assemble a full HDR panorama. I have to take spearate HDR shots in the field, but the app, Photo and Panorama Stitcher, stitches them thogether easily and perfectly, and produces high resolution output. You can even take your shots without a tripod if you are very careful. It is really magical. And, at least on my iPad Pro, it is fast too. 

For those of you who have not read my new book, “Point and Shoot Nature Photography” where I have a chapter on Panorama, the trick with a panorama, by the way, is to keep the camera at least a foot in front of your face while you swing it, whether you are taking individual shots as in this pano, or using the sweep panorama mode as in yesterday’s pano. If you take the shots from a tripod, with the camera turning around its own axis, then you will get a lot more distortion at the edges of the field and it will be much more difficult to stitch the images together into a natural looking panorama.

This is Old Falls on the Mousam River. I am standing on one shore above the falls, and this is a sweep looking up-river and then all the way around so that I am looking down-river over the falls. It is a bit mind-bending as it encompasses more than our natural field of view, even including our peripheral vision, and makes a curve of the more-or-less straight line of the far river bank. It required 6 vertical (portrait) HDR shots. 

The day, or at least the moment, was perfect (it clouded over before I finished with the falls). Foliage is at peak color, the sun was shining, and the clouds in the sky add drama. Fall at its best.

Sony RX10iii at 24mm, portrait orientation. 6 HDR exposures, processed in Polarr and stitched in Photo and Panorama Stitcher. 

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