Daily Archives: October 8, 2017

Day Brook Pond in Fall: Panorama

Day Brook Pond, Kennebunk Plains WMA, W. Kennebunk Maine

I will admit that I am addicted to HDR 🙂 I like my landscapes full of color and full toned, with detail in the shadows and detail in the highlights. The Sony Rx10iii does effective sweep panoramas when the light is perfect…but when the light is challenging it produces files that take a lot of processing to bring out the color and detail, especially in the sky. I am never quite satisfied. Just the way it is with single exposure photography. So, yesterday I tried taking three overlapping HDR shots of Day Brook Pond in all its fall glory, with the idea of processing them individually and then stitching them together into a panorama. The processing part was easy. I used my custom HDR preset in Polarr, and then matched the exposures by eye using the Light tool in Apple Photo’s edit menu (I am working on the iPad Pro). Stitching them was a whole other story. I bought and installed 4 different panorama stitching apps at $2 a pop, before I found one that works…at 99 cents. I was beginning to think I would have to resort to my Windows Surface Pro and Lightroom to get the job done. But Photo Stitcher worked, at least with my three photos, perfectly. To do justice to this you need to view it as large as you can. This is what I wanted in a panorama of Day Brook Pond!