Daily Archives: June 13, 2017

Recent Toads and Frogs :)

American Toad, Northern Leopard Frog, ? Mink Frog, N. Leopard Frog, American Toad, Wood Frog

It seems to be the season for Toads and Frogs in Southern Maine. The panel represents, left to right and down: 1) American Toad from the back yard…a really big fellow, 4 inches 2) Northern Leopard Frog from Forever Wild Preserve in West Kennebunk. 2 inches. 3) Possibly a Mink Frog…if so a first for me…if not, someone please correct me 🙂 3 inches, 4) N. Leopard Frog in sunlight, again from the Forever Wild Preserve, 2 inches 5) American Toad, smaller by far and in deep forest at Emmon’s Preserve (Kennebunkport Land Conservancy), 2 inches, and 6) Wood Frog, one the largest I have ever seen, from the Alwive Woods Preserve (Kennebunk Land Trust) 3.5 inches. 

With toads and frogs, I always grab a shot from too high up…whatever…just to get a shot before the critter hops deeper into cover…but then, if the subject is cooperative I like to work my way down closer to eye-level. Most of the time they are not cooperative. 🙁 

Sony Rx10iii mostly at 600mm equivalent. Program mode. Various exposures in various light. Processed in Polarr and assembled in FrameMagic.