Turkey, the Yard, Kennebunk Maine

Turkey, the Yard, Kennebunk Maine


Carol came running
early to the bedroom,
“turkeys in the yard,”
and I went running
barefoot and still wet
from the shower, camera
in hand, out the front door.

Indeed, four big birds
in full spring finery…
feathers aglisten in the
morning sun with
colors rarely seen,
(barely imagined).

They strutted mindlessly,
as only turkeys strut,
(I know they call it
a trot but it’s not…
something between
a strut and a stroll)
up the middle of the
road to the neighbor’s
yard where they circled
back just in time
to be a Turkey heart
attack for the lady
in the SUV taking the
corner on Brown
Street a tad too fast.

They scuttled (again
a better word than trot)
through another yard
into the relative safety
of a patch of forest
and where gone.

Ah to be as mindless
and a carefree as a
Turkey in the spring.

(Well, no, maybe
not that mindless.)

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    Kim March 19, 2016

    Thank you for sharing this neat happening!!

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