Day Lily Greets the Day. Happy Sunday!


Our Day Lilies are always the last to bloom on our street, and, I suspect, in town. We evidently have a unique combination of tree shade and some kind of micro-climate effect that keeps us about one to two weeks behind the prevailing season. It is what it is. Our Day Lilies are no less beautiful for being late.

I caught yesterday’s Lily just as the first sun of the day hit it. Remember our shade. It was well after dawn, but the light still held some of the early warmth and the angle was still closer to horizontal than vertical, picking the flower out against a predominantly shaded background.

Sony Alpha NEX 5T with ZEISS Touit 50mm macro. ISO 100 @ 1/160 @ f8. Processed in Snapseed on my tablet.

And for the Sunday Thought: Our particular micro-climate is evident in everything that grows in our yard. We are always significantly out of sync with the world around us. It is just a little strange, but we have gotten used to it. It is even possible to take some pleasure in being different. And indeed, there is a definite up-side. We get to experience every change of season twice: Once when it reaches the neighbors’ yards up and down the street, and once when it reaches ours. 🙂 And honestly, anyone who pays attention to the spirit, and certainly anyone who attempts to live by faith, is going to have to get used to being slightly out of sync with the surrounding world anyway. The spirit has its own micro-climate, even more radically different than the climate of our yard. I remember the cartoon from the Sunday Papers of my boyhood where one of the characters was always drawn with his own personal rain cloud hovering over him. I would like to think that those who live by faith should have their own personal ray of sun, no matter the prevailing weather. But of course experience does not bear that out. If those who walk by faith have a micro-climate, it is one they create around themselves despite the prevailing weather. If they have a personal ray of sun, it shines out of them, not on them. Yes the seasons of the spirit will always be slightly out of sync with the world. The trick is to be able to take pleasure in the difference…to celebrate the up-side and let your ray of sun do its work on the world around you.

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