Resplendent Quetzel (even more resplendent!)

Coming back from the Point and Shoot Nature Photography Adventure in Costa Rica’s visit to the paramo (the area above tree-line at 11,000 feet, where we unsuccessfully chased Volcano Junco and Timberline Wren) we decided to walk a section of the road down to Savegre Mountain Hotel and Resort that is known to be good habitat for Quetzels and other birds. We were not 50 yards and 5 minutes from the bus when Edwin shushed us all and pointed up. There was a male Resplendent Quetzel closer and in better light than I have ever seen before, sitting right over the road. We took way too many photos and collected several cars and bus load of tourists on their way into one of the lodges in the valley. I say better light, but I was still using Multi-frame Noise Reduction to compensate for the high ISOs required under the canopy. Sony Rx10iv at about 500mm equivalent. Program mode with my custom birds and wildlife modifications. Processed in Polarr and Apple Photos.

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