Scarlet Macaws in flight…

Pic for today: Scarlet Macaws in flight…As I have mentioned before, one of the highlights of my tour of the Honduran Highlands in May with Alex Alvarado and Honduran Birds was our visit to Copan Ruins and the time we spent with the Scarlet Macaws around the feeders at feeding time. These are free-flying, wild Macaws…part of a successful reintroduction program that has been going on for many years at the Ruins in an attempt to reestablish the once common Macaw, which was important in Mayan culture in the area. Catching them in flight is a real challenge. They are big and fast and close. There was no way I could track them through the viewfinder. I had to resort to extreme point and shoot methods…simply pointing the camera at the birds, swiveling to follow them in flight with the shutter going at 10 frames per second…and hoping for the best. These are some of the best. Sony RX10iv at various focal lengths between 300 and 600mm equivalent. Program mode with my inflight modifications (tracking auto focus and auto ISO set to maintain a minimum 1/1000th shutter speed, 10 fps continuous shooting). Processed in Polarr.

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