Backlight and the Crane

Somehow the angle of the light in this backlit Sandhill Crane caught the orange of the eye adding a bit of extra interest to an otherwise striking portrait of the bird. I could not have done better in the studio 🙂 And I could never have matched the glowing gold of the grasses in the foreground or the subtle texture of the out-of-focus grasses in the background. Just in the right place at the right time and ready. I have to say though, that the camera handled exposure on the somewhat challenging shot to perfection, holding enough detail in both highlights and shadows so that a satisfying balance could be achieved in post processing, no credit to me, but perhaps having the right camera in hand is part of being ready. That is part of the fun of the Point and Shoot method. Sony RX10iv at 585mm. Program mode. 1/1000th @ ISO 100 @ f4. +.3 EV. Processed in Photoshop Express. Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, Socorro, New Mexico.

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