Big Horn Lamb

While Emily and Carol hiked a mountain at Roxbrough Park south-west of Denver, I walked two and half miles up nearby Waterton Canyon in search of Big Horned Sheep near enough to the road for photography. I saw rams and a few ewes on the cliff side at the one mile mark, and heard enough rumors of more further on to encourage me to walk beyond the two mile mark to see another group of rams camped out on the cliffs for the day. A friend had been there a few weeks ago when the rams were down by the river doing their head butting dominance displays, and I was, to be honest, looking for something like that. Perhaps I was too late in the day. Still, on the walk back to car I came up on a group of dozen ewes and lambs taking up the whole width of the road and not in any hurry to make way for human traffic. Eventually I gingerly worked my way along the river side of the road past them. I got some nice close-ups along the way. This lamb, was curious but very secure even with me this close. Sony Rx10iv at 443mm equivalent. 1/1000 @ f5 @ ISO 100. Processed in Polarr.

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