Daily Archives: February 18, 2019

Here’s Odd

This is, admittedly, a somewhat odd photo. I was walking down Limpkin Way at Orlando Wetlands Park, perpendicular to the birding trail and there was this Great Blue Heron standing on the dyke ahead of me. I took a few shots and walked closer. And it just stood there. So I took a few more shots, and walked, and it stood. I was close enough so that I had to zoom back to fit the bird in the frame, and then I went for a head shot at full telephoto. Of course just then it jumped into flight and all I got was its head and a piece of a wing in the frame. The crop is what seemed most effective. Sony RX10iv at 600mm equivalent. My birds and wildlife modifications of Program mode. 1/1000th @ f5 @ ISO 100. -.3EV. Processed in Polarr.