Daily Archives: August 31, 2018

The last rose of summer…

Beach Rose (Rugosa Rose), Kennebunk Maine.

Well, probably not literally the last rose of summer…but the last rose on the beach rose bush (Rugosa Rose) along the causeway out to our local beach. Beach roses have run their season, and this one, though bravely blooming still, is looking a bit worse for wear. It is all about the light though! I am packing for Kenya and would have had to dig out my RX10iv for my bike ride yesterday, so this was taken with the Sony HX90V, my pocket camera. 1/320th @ f6.3 @ ISO 80. Processed in Polarr.

And about the trip to Kenya…I am leaving tomorrow morning for two weeks. Pic for today is, very likely, taking a break while I travel as wi-fi access will be somewhat random while on safari. Just saying. 🙂