To Steve Ingraham’s 7 Fold Path to Better Birding

This is a free book (PDF and EPUB) under the Creative Commons license. Everything any birder might wish someone had told them right at the beginning. There is enough here to make any birder a better birder. There are links below for the downloads. You can preview the book here (the image above the PDF download button actually scrolls down to show the whole book). You can print a copy for yourself or I have included a link to the BookPatch where you can order a bound copy for the cost of printing, handling and shipping. Eventually there will be links to useful information and products, and occasional articles to enhance the Better Birding experience. You can, if the spirit moves you, buy me a cup of coffee or a new toy at my Coffee page 🙂

For a printed copy of Steve Ingraham’s 7 Fold Path to Better Birding, under the Creative Commons license you can just take the PDF into your local Staples or Kinko or print shop and have a copy printed (generally around $30) or you can pay $15 (plus shipping and handling) for a professionally printed, spiral bound copy from the BookPatch. The book is still free, you just pay. for the printing, shipping, and handling. 🙂