There is a poem that goes with this:

My wife surprised a woodchuck standing
by our steps out front (a first for our yard
in our 25 years here) ...or he surprised her...
big and grizzled over brown, with those
ever-growing buck teeth hanging out. He
scampered under our front steps. Then
when she went back out to try to find
him, he was standing on the bottom step
of our back stairs, bold as nobody’s
business. By the time I got the camera
and snuck around the house, he was
standing right there at the corner and
disappeared back around. I crept to see
if he had stayed, and there he was, standing
by the porch, surveying the yard as though
it were his domaine. Makes us wonder if
it is he who has been eating the marigolds,
and what else he might take a fancy to
as the garden grows. We are not running
a woodchuck restaurant here. It is not that
he is not welcome, but I am not sure how
good a neighbor he intends to be. I don’t
envision a big hole in front garden being
a welcome addition to the yard. Time
might tell. Of course he might have just
been passing through (unaware that the
governor has mandated a fourteen
day quarantine for tourists in this time
of coronavirus). Whatever. I think it is
okay to be be concerned when Wood-
chucks show up in the neighborhood,
and not for the marigolds alone.

Sony Rx10iv at 600mm equivalent. Program mode with my custom birds and wildlife modifications. Processed in Polarr and Apple Photos.

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